Saturday, April 21, 2007

Who's Driving Your Bus?

After reading an outstanding article Truth Or Consequences (a post on the condition of today's world), I have the following thoughts of my own:

Yes! It's all really common sense.

There are consequences for all of our actions. Aberrated actions are initiated by those who feel they have no power, so they assert themselves in a way to prove or dis-prove their belief. They just want to be acknowledged/understood/loved.

There is enough love for all. Our training from day one should enforce that.

But we are led to believe we have no power, and only those who can make a buck off our choices will lead us in love and life, health and prosperity. Whether it is corrupt government taxation, ads for mind-altering & body-enhancing drugs or media masturbation of the psychic wave of fear after a terrorist event--if someone wants your money, watch your their intentions and your course after submission.

Not that there isn't redeeming value in the mass media, popular culture and commercial/industrial enterprise. I think there is and I do subscribe to much of it by my choices in lifestyle. But do note: American Idol and the six-o'clock news, with their commercial breaks, show both ends of the spectrum--the best of values, and the worst. Be aware of the messages to the masses. Some subtle, some overt. And that's just TV.

Have you ever considered the number of school shooters, or mothers who kill their kids that are on anti-depressants. If the drug companies really felt their products were a benefit (to the patient not the profit-maker) they would not include in their ad: "There is no cure for ____, but (xyz brand) can help."

Bull! There is no condition that is not curable--internal, environmental, economic or whatever. The FDA?? Who do they really protect? Do some research.

We are taught that we need a savior or guru (religious or political, commercial or economic, in love and health) outside ourselves to pay respects for the meager and counterfeit blessings rendered in a dangerous world.

The only danger is not seeing who's in the driver seat. Love is the power that heals. If your belief is one of a higher power within yourself that is available to all, no matter what religion or nationality or position, then grab the wheel.

Take responsibility, not a joy ride (or drug-dulled one) down a road to a cliff.