Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some points to ponder . . .

. . . in this time of economic uncertainty:

  1. News of the economy is a lot like reality TV: Dramatic challenges and extravagant plans of action that do not seem to align with common sense, except for the new emotional charge it gives the watchers of and players in the drama. Somehow it seems so unreal. A lot like primetime TV.

  2. The announcers of every day’s bad news always seem to add a glimmer of hope, (though not sounding like they really believe it themselves) only to be overshadowed by the next day’s spiraling descendance in the stock market, state budget news, layoffs, foreclosures and corruption.

  3. I personally believe that the situation has deteriorated to beyond the point of no return, and that things will actually get much worse before they get better. I wish I didn’t believe this, because I know that the more people that do hold a certain belief, the more likely is its inevitability.

  4. How can one prepare for what is coming? Buy gold or silver? Invest in foreign currency? Some say by putting food and provisions in storage. Even taking certain security measures, such as beefing up a room in the basement or acquiring some weapons for self-defense. Some of these may be prudent, but as I see it, the better off anyone is materially, the more they will be targeted by those who are not. Therefore . . .

  5. Better actions of preparation would be in the non-material areas. That is, communication and community building skills. Better yet, spiritual attunement. This may be the only way to face a desperate situation. Immediate threats take immediate action. Spiritual preparation is really the only way we can face an event never experienced before.

  6. One thing that will not help, but only make any situation worse, is to project negative energy toward the party or parties who we believe to be at fault. Hope for remedy is by responding with love, rather reacting with fear or counteracting with power. Loving all those involved is the virtue of crisis.

  7. Though things may be getting worse in the objective/material sense, spiritually there is now great opportunity for growth as soul.