Sunday, July 15, 2012

Essential Harmonic Enhancement Technique -- Raindrop Technique Modified for Innate Healing Support

Essential Harmonic Enhancement Technique (EHET) is a method that brings together conscious recognition of the body's innate healing ability, the bio-active qualities of essential oils and application techniques affecting energy, tissue and systemic harmony to enhance overall health. EHET evolved from other techniques, primarily the Raindrop Technique (RDT) developed by Dr. D. Gary Young, ND. After years of studying with and learning from numerous health care practitioners, including the practices of Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Gemstone Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine, I have found this method of EHET to be more gentle and less invasive than RDT. I have also modified basic EHET for self-administration (EHET/SA). Fundamental to both Essential Harmonic Enhancement Technique methods is that the body heals itself when all is in harmony. I am not a healer, nor do I claim to treat disease. I want only to help others in understanding the benefits of balance in life for health. At Share Essence Interactive we offer training and training/kit packages to health care practitioners and anyone else interested in maintaining and improving health and well-being. Services, co-facilitated with a Certified Aromatherapist, are offered on-site, products on-line, and consultations by phone.

The procedure below is written for those who have some experience using the original Raindrop Technique and the use of essential oils. There are certain precautions to take when using essential oils, so do consult your health care practitioner or a professional in the use of the oils if you have questions or concerns. If you would like to learn more and obtain a supply of the oils used, please visit Share Essence Interactive online. The attributes of the essential oils listed below are from the Essential Oils Desk Reference. This excellent reference text also has a section on the Raindrop Technique.

The Essential Harmonic Enhancement Technique:  
Preliminary notes for facilitator and receiver: Wear loose clothing. Maintain relaxing setting, limit conversation. Remove jewelry. Have plenty of water available to drink before and after administration of technique. Be healthy and positive in intent. This is more important than technique itself. The intent to allow the healing energies available to be most effective in allowing positive change on all levels for the receiver. Facilitator: Have nails clipped short. Stand in mountain poise for better body alignment and right frequency. Do everything in threes (3X) for harmonic resonance. If receiver is sensitive – pre-dilute oil by applying a high-quality vegetable oil or V-6 from SEI. Maintain contact with client once technique starts. The order of oils application is according to major component and "personality" of the oil. But sequence can be shuffled (as well as adding or deleting oils) to match personality and symptoms of the receiver. Perhaps work out with client a three-word affirmation (e.g., Health is Love.) to use during application—one word per stroke of each three-stroke sequence repeated silently by each. 
1. For both facilitator and client, self-apply the blend, White Angelica, to wrists, shoulders, top of head, over heart and upper back (T-1) to counter unwanted energy exchange and neutralize same. Brings a sense of strength, protection and security. (Note: This blend is not included in the Raindrop oils kit, but it is a good addition to it.) 
2. With receiver lying face down and feet exposed, apply oils to feet. This will prepare spine energetically to receive the oils and help the body self-correct balance and alignment. Put 6 drops of the blend Valor in each hand and rub together. Then place palms on feet, right hand to right foot first (for male receivers), then left hand to left. (For females, place the left hand to left foot first.) Hold till energy change is felt evenly in both feet. 
3. Apply 2-3 drops of each of the following seven essential oils to the spinal reflex area on the feet using the Vita Flex technique: Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Marjoram, Wintergreen, and Peppermint. Start the technique at the heel, moving to the inside, then to the side of the big toe. For males do right foot first 3X, then left. Females — left foot first. Do each oil on both feet before going to next oil. This process itself has a very beneficial effect on the body. 
4. Expose back from hairline to sacrum for oils application process. 
5. Dropping the oils on spine from about 6 inches up harmonizes the oils with the aura or energy field of the receiver. Stand in the mountain poise (knees slightly bent and feet shoulder-width apart) at the head or along side facing client's feet. Feather stroke with very light touch of fingers from sacrum to atlas (hairline). Note: If receiver has MS or spinal injury, then reverse direction. Vary finger stroke rhythm to keep body alert. Feathering will stimulate the energy centers and awaken the receptors along the spine. The oils in order of use are listed here with properties and variation in technique, if any, for each: 
  • Valor (4-8 drops up the spine): Balances energy and oxygenates the area; relaxes and aligns—a precursor makes others work better, last longer. Feather up three times. (Preform application method(s) for each oil three times.) 
  • Oregano (4-8 drops): Anti-microbial; anti-inflammatory; immune stimulant; anti-aging. Feather up. 
  • Thyme (4-8 drops): Same as Oregano. 
  • Basil (2-4 drops on each side of spine about 1 inch away): Modulates, engenders trust and is used as the transition between the harsh oils (oregano, thyme) and others. It is antispasmodic; anti-microbial; muscle relaxant; anti-inflammatory. After feathering, do the Spinal Tissue Pull. Using all 8 fingers, make 1-2 inch clockwise circles along side of spine, applying downward pressure pulling muscle away from spine and relaxing toward spine. Up one side, then the other. 
  • Cypress (2-4 drops on each side): Strengthens in grounding way; improves circulation; strengthens capillaries; anti-infectious; antispasmodic. Feather out to sides to facilitate circulation. Finger-Straddle up spine with a finger on each side in muscles, vibrating as you pull upward. End with 3 small tugs up into base of skull (occiput) to better allow oils to penetrate brain stem. 
  • Marjoram (4-5 drops on each side): Marjoram is cleansing; invigorating; antispasmodic; antiviral/bacterial; muscle relaxant: Feather up. Do clockwise Circular Hand Massage (4-6 in. diameter) with palms together, thumbs overlapped. Apply downward pressure in 3 CW circles on lower back, one side of spine. Move hands up one hand-width and do 3 more. Continue up till whole back is covered, then do other side. Repeat 2 more times each side.
  • Aroma Siez (4-5 drops on each side): This blend is anti-inflammatory; muscle relaxing; for synergy; calming; balancing, summary. Feather out to the side muscles. Do the Palm Slide with one on each side of spine, pulling muscles back on near side and pushing away on far side of the spine. Alternate hand over hand from sacrum to neck. 
  • Wintergreen (4-8 drops on center of spine): For nervous system maladies, including sciatica, wintergreen is antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and reduces blood pressure. Feather straight up center of spine using one or two fingers of each hand. Circular motion up center, full body action. No downward pressure. 
  • Peppermint (6-10 drops all over the back): This oil is used last to drive other oils in. It is anti-microbial, anti-tumoral, digestive stimulant and analgesic. Feather up and out over the whole back, not just from center. Standing at the head, Vita Flex with all four fingers of both hands up the back on both sides of the spine--alternating from one side to the other. (Aroma Siez can be added at the end if client is less able to process chemicals. Or dilute with myrrh when applying.) 
  • Valor (again — 4-8 drops) helps promote body memory of the conditions of health. Feather up and out using fan strokes. 
6. Ortho Ease massage oil (15 - 20 drops): Helps seal in other oils. Massage at least three times with moderate pressure using the Indian Rub. It is like the Palm Slide, except goes all the way across back from side-to-side, not just from alongside the spine and out to the sides. Apply to the entire back, shoulders and neck. 
7. Apply hot, moist towel over thin, dry towel on length of back. (Remove dry towel if not hot enough.) Cover with dry towel. Use cross-hands back stretch technique, pushing hands apart, one toward shoulder and the other toward the hip in a pulsing motion. Alternate sides of spine. Repeat 2X. 
8. Cover to keep receiver warm; then let "cook" for 8 to 10 minutes. At any time if sensation is too "hot" apply vegetable oil to area. 
9. Have receiver turn over onto back for stimulation of the lymphatic system. With back of receivers head cupped in hands and little fingers together at center, tug at base of skull by movement of both middle and index fingers—without moving hands or forearms. Pull and release bottom back edge of skull in an even, flowing movement for a full minute. Done properly, the toes will move in accord with each pull/release movement. 

After process is complete, have receiver drink plenty of water.  Staying hydrated will assist in cleansing the body of toxins and ease any discomfort in that process.

Remember: Our intent is not to heal, but to allow healing on all levels by harmonizing with the energies available for the highest good of all.