Friday, December 12, 2008

Money, Banks and Free Trade – Common Sense Can Rule

-- by Ardi Keim

What would it be like if we weren't isolated from the real world?
What is real? And what is illusion?

Take the economy, for instance:

I'm not an economic analyst. I'm not even sure how the whole monetary system works. I do understand that money is supposed to be an instrument to make exchanges between people easier. And that banks are sort of the safe-keepers of money. I'm all for easy and safe. And that all would make complete sense to me if money itself had any real value. Like it did when it represented an amount of precious metal in Fort Knox. But, as I understand it now, currency has a somewhat arbitrary value. That value is completely outside the control of most people using it in exchange. If it was backed by gold or silver, or if those metals were still used commonly as legal tender, then I could understand the reason for banks. They would be intermediary (or point of use) forts with guards to protect against loss (theft) of the value therein. And I guess because currency is currently ever-decreasing in value, the fact that it takes so much more to buy what it could have bought when it was backed by gold — well then maybe banks are needed now.

But, since gold or silver isn't used anymore, why do we even need currency at all? Aren't agreements between parties in a trade all that is necessary? If I trade my potatoes for your flowers, or your hours of labor repairing my car (or the nuts and bolts to fix it myself) – a few words and a handshake would be the instrument of trade. If the transaction is to take place over time, then a documented agreement would be that instrument. Need any other party or institution be involved? If one side of the bargain was complete and the other was not, or if it was delayed beyond the agreed upon time, and no resolution was forthcoming, then a trade for legal service might be in order.

Keeping agreements, and respecting other people and their property seems so simple to me. Who is acting under illusion? Those who put their trust in an arbitrary system that devalues the worth of those using it? Or those who know what they want and know others with it, willing to make an exchange. Simple, free trade makes sense to me.

Do we really have an economic crisis? Or a shortage of common sense?

What do you think? How much do we pay in taxes for support of unnecessary government and laws that put us in servitude, instead of our public servants with six-figure incomes? Remember – they work for us. That includes county clerks, governors, senators, representatives ... all the way to the top.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


by Vladimir Megre

Words of wisdom, hope and peace from a woman of the forest in northern Siberia

This is the first of nine books in the Ringing Cedars Series now translated into over 20 languages.

As a slow reader I have started many good books, many of which I never finish. But Anastasia (and each one after) just got better and better. Read just one and you too will understand why 10 million copies were sold before they were ever commercially advertised--just word of mouth.

The author presents the life and lifestyle one who lives in harmony with the earth and all life. And her story shows us how to do the same. So much of what I’ve always known is finally put into words.

Check out the other 8 on Amazon too.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why I Wrote In "Ron Paul"

Because I didn't want to waste my vote. You'll see soon enough. See his ideas. The Constitution works. Read the book.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Rule of Freedom

A friend sent an article with unpleasant view of current events (much of which is ignored by the mass media) leading to ominous possibilities in the near future. Here is how I responded:

The content of the message you sent seems dire indeed. And I'm pretty much in agreement with most of it's being of high probability.

On the other hand, the biggest reason for that high probability is that so many now have bought into the dire possibilities. Fear attracts that which is feared. Now I don't believe one should ignore the signs and the world around us. Burying ones head in the sand serves no purpose. We must prepare the best we can. On ALL levels. But what level is most important? That is the issue. We must each answer that for ourselves.

For me, my highest priority is spiritual well being. Part of that is putting ones focus on the good in this world. There is really a lot of it. Even if it is not predominant in the media, in people's consciousness and in the apparent unfolding of our day-to-day lives, it is there. If we put our attention, our focus, on the positive, like an athlete focuses on winning the game or the race, the good will prevail. If there are 10 runners in a race there is only one winner, even when all 10 are focused on that feat. If 9 were not focused on winning, it would be so much easier for the one who does have that focus to win. That's obvious.

We must realize that we all are able competitors. What percentage of this planet's population intend to do it and its inhabitants harm? If it is as high as 10%, and I don't believe it is, then the other 90% of us have the advantage. All we have to do is understand that and apply the understanding. If the 10% has the power it is because the rest of us believe the lies, that money or material possession has the upper hand. Or that power or greed is the advantage. That the absurd is acceptable.

But when we support our higher self, we know that the values of love and acceptance, understanding and forgiveness, self-responsibility, honesty, and reason are the attributes of a winning team.

It is only fear that blinds us to this truth. When we have fear, the corrupt have the upper hand. Fear weakens the shield of true value. Worse than the events of 9/11/01 is the fear that predominated its aftermath. What freedom have we given up by submitting to that fear? How many lives were lost in an unnecessary war? The path of fear leads only downward.

So, what if we take the higher road and the bad guys defeat us anyway, because there weren't enough of us focusing on that high path? What if we become enslaved, destitute or hung by our buts?

This is the big test. How do we handle the worst?

For me, it is by considering what life of value really is. Physical life is not the ultimate state of being. Living a life of fear, or of lies or corruption is not a life worth living. In life after death there is so much more potential. I (personally) know this because of my practice of certain spiritual techniques. I experience that higher state enough to know its reality. Everyone has that same potential. Everyone is a spiritual being. Knowing that most people are not trying to subvert that becoming, gives us the advantage. Knowing that it is actually impossible to do so, helps even more. Freedom from fear is the only real freedom. And it is the only life worth living.

Fear not, and live in peace. Here or hereafter.

Now I suppose you may consider this a bit too preachy, but I love you anyway. We all must make our own choices. Free will is a divine gift. I honor yours.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Write . . .

I write what I believe to be true, and I share what I believe to be helpful to others. The truth exists whether it is believed in or not. If you believe what I write, you are subject to the same chance of being wrong as I am. We base our beliefs on evidence. What is evident to me may be evident to others as well. And the right to express what we believe is granted by a Higher Source other than worldly government. But that right is still part of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The First Amendment to the Constitution reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Adhering to the Constitution is what has kept us free so far. It was not by fear of, or retaliation to, would-be terrorists. It was not by treating our fellow humans as anything less, whether by torture of possible perpetrators or withholding civil liberties.

Let us protect the values of freedom, and the document that defines them.

What is Essential Harmonic Enhancement? And Why?

When I decided to call my version of the Raindrop Technique: Essential Harmonic Enhancement Technique (EHET) I was asked, Why?

As anyone who has ever experienced the Raindrop Technique knows, it is so much more than a technique of dropping essential oils like raindrops on the back. It has more to do with attitude, with harmony, with all that is essential to enhancing health, well-being and life. It has to do with the life-force of therapeutic grade essential oils and the belief that all which is in harmony with life supports it.

Harmony is essential for advancement in all levels of existence. And the intent of harmonic balance is more important than technical skill--though that skill will be refined by right intent.

Essential oils are the volatile and aromatic liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds, and essences expressed from citrus fruits. Those essential oils produced without chemicals and distilled by low heat and pressure for the proper length of time (ensuring complete extraction) maintain the life force in a higher degree.

Besides essential oils, there are many other substances and methods for harmonic enhancement of our lives, as well. And as we seek improvement of our health and well-being in all areas of our lives we are led to the resources -- material and energetic, human and spiritual -- that reinforce our quest and evolution. We are free to choose the ones that best suit our needs. As we choose our resources in thought and feeling, action and association we develop our well-being and worth to self and community. We are unique individuals in the universal body of unlimited potential.

There is always the possibility of advancement, always the risk of regression. And there are always cycles of each--large and small. And accepting our place on the wave is a matter of free will and harmonic intent.

Recognizing there is a Higher Source outside ourselves and inside as well, is key to understanding advancement and decline. Understanding that if we can be better, we can be worse -- and we probably have been. Understanding that if we can do the right thing, we can do the wrong thing. That perfection is dynamic, not static. That if we can seek, we can find. If we can help, we can hinder. That we can help others, and others can help us. That we can choose for ourselves, and we can allow others to choose for us.

That health and abundance and harmony are possibilities realized in stages according to our state of acceptance, our state of consciousness. I accept my guidance, inner and outer, because I am a free agent of divine being.

Why Essential Harmonic Enhancement? Because I want to.

How about you?


Learn More about Aromatherapy and How to Give and Receive EHET.

Get Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Get the Essential Oils Desk Reference.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Manifesto for Living by the Spirit of the Laws of Life

--by Ardi Keim

I write this down because I know the truth in it.

I know that there are laws of life that govern our ways and means within it.

I know that the heart of that law is the spirit of the law. The letter of the law is merely a record of it, and that human records and human language is subject to human error.

I know that the spirit of the law is the Spirit of Life . . .

1. And that That One Force allows us free will and that such allowing is no error, though we may err in our willing.

2. And that such freedom ends where another's begins.

3. And that such freedom to choose our own circumstances, relationships and well-being underlies the fact that we are not owed anything.

4. And that all we have and attain is by focused manifestation by our own action in thought, planning, feeling and action.

5. And that our wealth is not because of ownership of any material substance, including money, but by claiming the values of freedom, respect, security, well-being, gratitude and love.

6. And that enriching our lives and the lives of others by the exchange of goods and services is of these positive values.

7. And keeping track of completion of such exchange can be by accurate record, or agreed upon token, or memory and trust.

8. And that no one has a right to claim a portion of the value of that exchange other than the parties to it.

9. And that those who do are operating outside the Laws of the Spirit of Life.

10. And that any entity regulating the following of the Laws are serving those who are guided by it.

11. And that when members of such entity do not operate by the Law, they are best replaced with those that will.

12. And that all ways and means to prompt compliance to the Law must be according to the Law.


What do you think?


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gemstones: Radiant Spheres of Healing Energy

This is a resource we have been using in our own alternative health regimen with some outstanding results. The article is from Gemisphere, provider of this method of energy medicine. Check it out. Even our cat can't keep his paws off these gems. (More on that later.)
Gemstones: Radiant Spheres of Healing Energy

From your innermost essence to your physical body, you are made of a continuous flow of life force.

This life force is a current of light, which springs from the source of life itself. When it flows freely, you experience joy, vitality, and vibrant health. In the natural course of living, however, various blockages accumulate within this flow. These blockages create dark clouds within you. They obscure your radiance and give rise to disharmony, pain, and disease.

Like us, the Earth is enlivened by life force. As the Earth was forming, life energy was infused into the planet’s crystalline matrices. Thus, the Earth’s gemstones came to embody and express the life force within the planet.

Gemstones radiate their life force with great power. When shaped and used properly, they can bring light into areas of darkness and neutralize blockages. As these blockages dissolve, the light of the life force can shine through to enliven, nourish, and heal you.

Each type of gemstone expresses a different frequency; therefore, it can address a different kind of blockage.

In a gemstone sphere, life force is continually drawn in from the entire surface of the sphere to the sphere’s center. As it moves toward the center, the life force becomes more and more concentrated. This concentration fuels the transformation of life force into gemstone energy with great power. This healing energy then radiates from the sphere to touch and enliven all dimensions of our being.

At, you can find gemstone-sphere necklaces that can enhance your health and well-being on every level—body, mind, emotions and spirit. These unique, therapeutic quality gemstones produce consistent and powerful benefits for their users.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

personal people search

Though this is written today, 1/24/09, I set the post date as a year earlier because my intent is for this to be read by only those who do a google search on their own name. If your name is here and you recognize other key words of this entry, then there is a good chance we know each other. You see, I'm trying to contact some service buddies with whom I was in Thailand. I went by Gerry then.

Here are some words to Camp Friendship. Karat. Bangkok. Triplet. John Phillips
John Southworth. Tony Plaisance. Hotelname? . Bungalow. Lek. Linda or Dim. Wanna. Bar name? Ninteen-sixty what?

Fill in some details that only you would know, and match the names by commenting below.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A View of the Potential of Human Endeavor

The potential of human endeavor is in several areas, such as physical, intellectual and spiritual. To develop the mind potential is an exercise in gaining full control of one's life and experience in our interface with the material universe. This is a noble and grand accomplishment, which can go as far as ones own imagination--quite far as compared to the experiences of the masses who accept the ordinary and mundane as quite enough. A quantum leap in experience comes when we can accept the mode of operation outside the mind and its limits to explore regions and possibilities not even dreamed of by most. The challenge or risk then is to maintain a safety net or tether to keep us from harm, i.e., degeneration of experience or even termination of our physical existence by forces intentional or accidental.

We can either choose our experience, or choose to experience that which a chosen party will escort or guide us through. Either way it is a choice; mundane, extraordinary or unknown--passive, active or extreme. Each takes an appropriate system or regimen of preparation to progress, withstand adverse affects and protect our highest interest. It amounts to desire and intent, technique and experience, as well as training by a party we have learned to trust. This trust is established only by demonstrated results in attainment. Then the acceptance of our desired results is possible. Free will, discernment, practices and trust lead us to undreamed of adventure--the ultimate and unlimited experience of life in an ever-expanding universe.

Your experiences are yours to choose, and no one else can take them from you. What you know as truth is yours. Any belief not reinforced by personal experience is not founded in truth, but the intent of others--noble or not. Create your own life by the divine gift of free will. Freedom and adventure are partners in creation of an unlimited universe. Explore a possibility with a spiritual exercise from Eckankar.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This I Believe -- A New Year Message

What is resolution, but a promise
to stay within certain boundaries?
Too often we break out of these confines,
not just for lack of commitment,
but for the need to expand
in other areas now recognized.
I don't choose to limit myself.
Instead, I have
a New Years


This I Believe

Since the age of reason I have wondered and asked the same questions as you. After my study so far in life's journal of search and action -- the works and lives of many masters and amateurs, including myself -- I have a new view of my own beliefs and choices, and the words, writings and paths of all.

The outer teachings of all religions and holy works have a deeper value not even recognized by the critical, the objective or scientific, and the standard of the masses. There is an inner truth available to us all, ever-changing, individual and sacred. Yet it is hidden till one's yearning is identified by the seeker. Truth is our genesis and it is our destiny.

It is said by some to be reclaimed by denial of the senses of flesh or the marvels and antics of intellect. Others say it is through the indulgence of the physical, or developing of full mental potential. Yet both viewpoints are lacking. Indulgence and denial, austerity and excess, as well as excelling in potential of body and mind -- these are all distractions on the way and inner call to truth. Yet each has its place while we inhabit our bodies, our planet. Alignment with truth is an experience of intimate revelation and so unlike that of any other's journey. That journey is one to the core or our being, yet beyond the limits of science, philosophy and religion .

Placing our fulfillment or salvation in the hands of an outer master, or the capacity of body or mind does not address who we really are. We are not our body, we are not our mind. And we are not the subjects of anyone who realizes, or claims to recognize the truth of this concept. We pick up our bodies at birth, and develop bodies and minds while on this earth, then shed them with our last breath. That breath of life is Soul, which is eternal, was before and always after. This is I. This I believe.

When we recognize who we are and why we are here on this planet, then our bodies and our minds become our primary instruments in relating and operating in the physical universe, if used according to the laws that govern them.

But there are other laws. Some, corrupt and profane. Others, sacred and secret. It is our search and reckoning, our negotiating and mastery of the obstacles and instruments by which we parry the deceptive and embrace our inheritance of wisdom, of freedom, of love.

Freedom and love are attributes beyond emotion and feelings of bliss. Emotion rides the waves of extremes in action and thought, power and grace, excess and denial. Love and freedom are the higher aspects of realizing who we are and that we are all individual expressions of the universal truth. They are the planks of the craft that sails above the storm, the laws and limits of matter, energy, time and space. It is recognizing there are no limits to life as Soul. There is only position in the environment of awareness. We are free to move or maintain our stations, free to act and accept all consequences. And we are free to claim the gifts of divine creation, through imagination, expression and initiation.

This I believe. And Truth exists whether it is believed in or not. It is living and breathing and changing as every imaginative expression is initiated. Creation is on-going. This I believe.