Saturday, July 22, 2006

Realization: Freedom of Choice

I guess most people don't give it a lot of thought when social custom pulls toward compliance. Keeping the peace has its priority. But there is a question often posed on grand occasions, that gives me pause to consider. The occasion is The Wedding. The question is in a form of the following: Who gives this woman to wed?


In weddings of the past, our culture has gone along with this rite, in support of the woman giving her love completely to her husband, forsaking all others—especially the parents, breaking the apron strings & tying a new knot. And since the first days of feminine liberation, the balancing question of, Who gives this man…?, made it all okay in the minds of most.

But is the question still as valid? Was it ever? To my mind, it’s not, when looked at in the bigger picture. In most of the Western world, arranged marriages are thought to be backwards. I believe they do have a valid place in some cultures, but not in mine. And we are all somewhat a product of our culture. Freedom of choice is purported to take precedence here.

Who gives this woman to wed?

I’d have to answer:

No one. God gave each of us the freedom to decide on our own choices in life and love. My daughter has chosen well.

Friday, July 21, 2006

There Is a Higher Calling

I'd like to add my voice
as one who is a citizen of the universe,
not a country.
Citizens do not start wars,
do not retaliate when wrong is done them,
do not take away the lives and property of others.
Citizens may defend against those who are not civil.
We may grieve when those among us are taken from us.
We may apologize
for the non-civil who live among us
and act in non-civil ways.

Citizens of the universe love all life
and want the highest good for all.
Please do not judge us
by those who claim to lead us.
We are led only by
the Universal Force of Love and Light.

And one day that Force will prevail.

Only the godless claim their god's greatness
as justification of war.
The non-civil really do not know God at all.
They act in their uncivil ways
because they have experienced
so little love in their lives.

What can we do for peace?
There is but one answer:


(Thank you, Rhi, for the inspiration.)