Friday, January 19, 2018

Easy Choices – Paramount Effects

—How your keyboard, mouse or touchscreen 
can affect change in the world

Last night I sent out personal emails to a list of volunteers I’m working with. I’ve learned to re-read my messages to assure accuracy of content and form—most of the time. (I still catch myself in faux pas too often.) After going over and tweaking a message to X, it was so easy to click SEND. Seconds later I noticed the address was to Y instead.

How could I? And that was with at least three re-reads. Fortunately the content was generally the same. Within a few minutes I resent the message for X to X, and amended it for Y with RE: “Read First…” and a “So sorry….” opening.

No damage—I hope. Sometimes accurate intent is not conveyed when communicating without face-to-face cues of intonation or expression. Too often it is not even close. Relationships, friendship or employment could be at risk by misuse of today’s instant communique practice. The term: infant terrible (ahn-fahn te-ree-bluh) just came up on my phone while consulting for wording the previous sentence. “Noun. An outrageously outspoken or bold person who says and does indiscreet or irresponsible things.” Sound familiar?

I better check my mirror before I look out the window.

The point is: with this new form of easy choice and lightning implementation, our affect can be dramatic and far-reaching. Is it better to make harder choices? Tread lightly, or not at all, by email, IM, tweet, and social media.

© 2018 Ardi Keim 1/19/18

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola Infection vs the Immune System. The Winner Is . . . ??

The media coverage of the current Ebola outbreak, the 4400 plus deaths in West Africa, the Dallas situation and the CDC's "direction" (which seems to change from day to day) on how best to deal with new cases: Personally, I am not confident the spread of the disease is under control. It seems no one besides some alternative health sources is addressing the very most important action we can take if we are exposed--the human immune system, its strengthening and support. 
Isn't the immune system what is preventing near 50% of those who have contracted the disease from dying?  
How far does Ebola have to spread and how many need to die before this simple truth is stressed as much as prevention. Is preventing exposure really possible in today's internationally mobile population? 

Why isn't the CDC and WHO using mainstream media to emphasize this fact? Are they really interested in our health and controlling the disease, or just studying how it is spread?
© 2014 Ardi Keim 10/15/2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animals

Animal lovers and all who want to treat animals with alternative health care.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

One Second After by William Forstchen

A novel, a possibility, a book I couldn't put down. My best read this year.

What would you do if it happened?  Click the link and look inside.

One Second After by William Forstchen was cited in Congress as a book all Americans should read.
Also as a CD audio book and on Kindle.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall Release by April Munson

Just Released (September 2013)

After seeing a proof copy of Old Nell by friend and author/artist April Munson, I couldn't wait to buy a copy. Being familiar with April's work from a local writer's group, her stories are imaginative, heart-warming and refreshing. I am delighted that this one is in print.

Looking forward to sharing Old Nell and the Mock Froggie Pie with a few little goblins.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crime and Gun-ownership

After the horrific school-shooting tragedy in Connecticut yesterday the subject of gun control is again in the spotlight. I did a little research myself on the internet to look at the relationship between violent crime and gun-ownership. Very interesting.

It seems that with enough data, either position on gun control (those demanding more and those wanting less) can make a case for their side. I recommend doing the research yourself and drawing your own conclusion.  Because the media has a job to do, and they are paid to do it. You will see only one side or the other, depending on which you care to observe. You have either the sugar-sweet, plastic-wrapped "news" that appeals to all those who are good and kind and trusting. Or, the flame-thrower variety that fires the fervor of those righteous and alert.

Stats for 2010 was common to the websites I used.  That seems to be the year of the latest figures on the subject, so my conclusions below are for that year. These are the websites:

In spite of some inconsistent indications, to me anyway, I came up with two true statements -- that is if my math and the data is correct. Take your pick:

1.) Violent crime in the year was 369 per 100,000 population (average) for the top 3 gun-owner states (58.4% of the population own guns) vs 346 for the 3 lowest (10.5%).

  • This shows that residents of the lowest rated gun-owner states would be 6.2% safer from all violent crime than those of the lowest rated gun-owner states.

2.)  Gun murders are 1.9 per 100,000 (average) for the top 3 gun-owner states vs 2.6 for the 3 lowest.
  • This shows that residents of the highest rated gun-owner states would be 36.8% safer from gun murders than those of the lowest rated gun-owner states.

The data I used is compiled/copied below. Check it out or go to the links above. Better yet, do some research yourself. Yourself.

Consider carefully anything that is presented from a single mindset. The masters of media (including radio, TV and the internet -- whether called news or entertainment) directs the minds and lives of those who do not think for themselves with proper discrimination. School systems do the same. You will get what you think. Think for yourself.

   © 2012 Ardi Keim

States with Extremely High Populations of Gun Owners(more than 50%)

  • 1. Wyoming - 59.7%
FIREARMS MURDERS Wyoming (population=.56 million)
5 firearms murders in 2010 [1.12 per 100,000 population]
-38% change since 2009
Handguns murders 0
Firearms, % of all murders 62.5%
Per 100,000 population 0.91
Firearms crimes, rate per 100,000 pop:
Robberies 4.57
Aggravated assaults 14.43
2010 violent crime was 195.9 per 100,000.
  • 2. Alaska - 57.8%
19 firearms murders in 2010 [0.5 per 100,000]
46% change since 2009
Handguns murders 3
Firearms, % of all murders 61.29%
Per 100,000 population 2.68
Firearms crimes, rate per 100,000 pop:
Robberies 21.58
Aggravated assaults 76.6
2010 violent crime was 638.8 per 100,000.
  • 3. Montana - 57.7%
FIREARMS MURDERS Montana (p=.99)
12 firearms murders in 2010 [0.8 per 100,000]
-37% change since 2009
Handguns murders 6
Firearms, % of all murders 57.14%
Per 100,000 population 1.22
Firearms crimes, rate per 100,000 pop:
Robberies 2.04
Aggravated assaults 28.3
2010 violent crime was 272.2 per 100,000.

  • 4. South Dakota - 56.6%
  • 5. West Virginia - 55.4%
  • 6. Mississippi - 55.3%
  • 6. Idaho - 55.3%
  • 6. Arkansas - 55.3%
  • 9. Alabama - 51.7%
  • 10. North Dakota - 50.7%
(For states #11 - 39  see the websites.)

Stateswith Below Median Populations of Gun Owners

  • 40. Delaware - 25.5%
  • 41. Florida - 24.5%
  • 42. California - 21.3%
  • 42. Maryland - 21.3%
  • 44. Illinois - 20.2%
  • 45. New York - 18%
  • 46. Connecticut - 16.7%
  • 47. Rhode Island - 12.8%
  • 48. Massachusetts - 12.6%
FIREARMS MURDERS Massachusetts (p=6.5)
118 firearms murders in 2010 [0.6 per 100,000]
27% change since 2009
Handguns murders 52
Firearms, % of all murders 56.46%
Per 100,000 population 1.78
Firearms crimes, rate per 100,000 pop:
Robberies 24.52
Aggravated assaults 30.81
2010 violent crime was 466.6 per 100,000.
  • 49. New Jersey - 12.3%
FIREARMS MURDERS New Jersey (p=8.8)
246 firearms murders in 2010 [0.4 per 100,000]
12% change since 2009
Handguns murders 216
Firearms, % of all murders 67.77%
Per 100,000 population 2.82
Firearms crimes, rate per 100,000 pop:
Robberies 45.16
Aggravated assaults 24.06
2010 violent crime was 307.7 per 100,000.
  • 50. Hawaii - 6.7%
7 firearms murders in 2010 [2 per 100,000]
-13% change since 2009
Handguns murders 6
Firearms, % of all murders 29.17%
Per 100,000 population 0.54
Firearms crimes, rate per 100,000 pop:
Robberies 7.46
Aggravated assaults 13.08
2010 violent crime was 262.7 per 100,000.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Limits of Evolution

There is this saying seen on Facebook: 
Everyone talks about leaving a better planet for our children. Why doesn't anyone try to leave better children for our planet?

Well, I think everyone tries, but some are better than others.  Not to mention that kids become adults, then many continue to make childlike choices.  No one is perfect. 

This is a planet on which to work out our imperfections. It's a process. Evolution does not avoid the possibility of annihilation. Then it starts again. 

I believe in reincarnation. We try till we get it right.