Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola Infection vs the Immune System. The Winner Is . . . ??

The media coverage of the current Ebola outbreak, the 4400 plus deaths in West Africa, the Dallas situation and the CDC's "direction" (which seems to change from day to day) on how best to deal with new cases: Personally, I am not confident the spread of the disease is under control. It seems no one besides some alternative health sources is addressing the very most important action we can take if we are exposed--the human immune system, its strengthening and support. 
Isn't the immune system what is preventing near 50% of those who have contracted the disease from dying?  
How far does Ebola have to spread and how many need to die before this simple truth is stressed as much as prevention. Is preventing exposure really possible in today's internationally mobile population? 

Why isn't the CDC and WHO using mainstream media to emphasize this fact? Are they really interested in our health and controlling the disease, or just studying how it is spread?
© 2014 Ardi Keim 10/15/2014

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  1. Second try. Issues are political, geographic, historical, social, medical etc. Bureaucrats don't think, they follow protocols. No telling what coming years will show in these areas. 100 years back along with the Great War, the Spanish Flu Epidemic killed millions. We know little more now about such things but we can spend more money and put on scary Hazmat outputs to ward off the evil humors - another name for pathogenic viruses. Be Well, Think Well, Stay Well, Robert