Monday, March 03, 2003

tree icon

trying to add pix
I moved this to the bottom out of the way
just for icon reference
don't know the right way to use pic as icon
lots to learn.

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  1. Hi Ardi, I've been reading some of your post. I like what I read! I'm into many alternative ways and energies,etc.. Have for years. I seem to have this "energy" vibrational thing going on inside me and also "pick up" on things before they happen. I haven't been able to find a "teacher" to help me understand how to deal with whatever this is that I have had my whole life. I don't talk about it to many at all for I know how they will react, but anyway I'm sure you can relate to some of this.

    Hope you will post more so I can read some more! I have some healing gemstones myself and all kinds of interesting books.

    Angel Blessings,