Monday, May 30, 2005

Health and Consciousness

Who is the healer?
There are many viepoints worth considering. Here's mine:

We enter this plane of existence at birth, screaming with fright of conditions extreme. With luck and love we gain acceptance of the environment to the point of serenity in the protective arms of mother. Soft, warm. Sweet and safe.

At a frequency consistent, or in cycles that vary by conditions unknown, we are reminded of the harsh reality here. We adjust, we grow, we cope. Sooner or later we have chosen a system of beliefs that explain the place and provide a means of moving within it and through it.

This works for a good portion of life. For many it is accepted as the one, the only way to pass the years from birth to death. The change of cycles bring great joy and new life, varying degrees of challenge, as well as some devastating disasters. And through all the change there is a recognition surfacing, sooner to some than others, that the journey of life on this planet may be peaking in performance, well-being, and fulfillment (or may have already peaked) and will eventually be reduced to a graveside lament.

The continuum of birth, life and death is all so simple. For many it is so sad. Live life to fullest, for too soon we die.

For others there is a view beyond the constraints of this physical being. Beliefs that lift the anchor of fear in the earthbound vehicle give rise to mission and vision of life after death. Fulfillment beyond the cycles of biological life on this planet.

It could be said that there are three states of consciousness in this species:

1. Animal, the biological life-form, concerned with survival and physical health;

2. Humankind, a social being, who develops relationships and may strive for social cause; and

3. Soul, a spiritual agent in a hierarchy of spiritual intent.

Too often those who have come to the later realization forget the importance of the first. Should we not, instead, view our body as a gift from the Divine Universal Cause, a tool to use in our spiritual mission—health and survival being our base of operation on this plane.

We are spiritual beings, we live in environments of material substance and social reality.

Move ahead with consciousness. Health on all levels is what we choose.

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