Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Real World? -- Planet of the Apes

I'm seeing. I'm wondering. I'm scratching my head.

The political, economic and military principles seem to be like jumping monkeys in a zoo. (No offense George of the Jungle.) It's like we are watching the antics of these lesser primates, and thinking we are safe and secure outside the bars and cages. It would be entertaining if it really were a zoo and such animals were for our entertainment. But they are our leaders, our CEOs, our advisers. And it's very sad that we, the spectators, don't see how close to the Planet of the Apes we are.

What are your thoughts on this warring world, warming planets (it's not only this planet that is warming), and the media masters? Who can we believe?

1 comment:

  1. Politicians will always try to manipulate people, regardless of locality, party or religion. People who think they aren't easy to manipulate are actually the EASIEST to manipulate, according to lots of experiments.

    You have to be aware of what's happening before you can do something about it.

    People need to learn that divide and conquer is the age-old battle cry of politicians, getting people angry about single issues so they can sweep other issues under the rug. They need to create conflict.