Thursday, January 24, 2008

personal people search

Though this is written today, 1/24/09, I set the post date as a year earlier because my intent is for this to be read by only those who do a google search on their own name. If your name is here and you recognize other key words of this entry, then there is a good chance we know each other. You see, I'm trying to contact some service buddies with whom I was in Thailand. I went by Gerry then.

Here are some words to Camp Friendship. Karat. Bangkok. Triplet. John Phillips
John Southworth. Tony Plaisance. Hotelname? . Bungalow. Lek. Linda or Dim. Wanna. Bar name? Ninteen-sixty what?

Fill in some details that only you would know, and match the names by commenting below.

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