Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Manifesto for Living by the Spirit of the Laws of Life

--by Ardi Keim

I write this down because I know the truth in it.

I know that there are laws of life that govern our ways and means within it.

I know that the heart of that law is the spirit of the law. The letter of the law is merely a record of it, and that human records and human language is subject to human error.

I know that the spirit of the law is the Spirit of Life . . .

1. And that That One Force allows us free will and that such allowing is no error, though we may err in our willing.

2. And that such freedom ends where another's begins.

3. And that such freedom to choose our own circumstances, relationships and well-being underlies the fact that we are not owed anything.

4. And that all we have and attain is by focused manifestation by our own action in thought, planning, feeling and action.

5. And that our wealth is not because of ownership of any material substance, including money, but by claiming the values of freedom, respect, security, well-being, gratitude and love.

6. And that enriching our lives and the lives of others by the exchange of goods and services is of these positive values.

7. And keeping track of completion of such exchange can be by accurate record, or agreed upon token, or memory and trust.

8. And that no one has a right to claim a portion of the value of that exchange other than the parties to it.

9. And that those who do are operating outside the Laws of the Spirit of Life.

10. And that any entity regulating the following of the Laws are serving those who are guided by it.

11. And that when members of such entity do not operate by the Law, they are best replaced with those that will.

12. And that all ways and means to prompt compliance to the Law must be according to the Law.


What do you think?



  1. Very interesting..good writing!

  2. Well said Ardi. Its wonderful to acknowledge that there are laws that transcend our human laws which govern the affairs of men and keep things well in hand. Its God's love in action.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

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  4. Hi Ardi, thanks for posting these. I'd like to add what I think, at least from my perspective: All human progress results from voluntary exchanges of value between consenting parties. Any value exchange made by coercion of government or otherwise do not result in progress no matter how well intentioned.

  5. So true. Thanks. Free exchange -- imagine that.