Saturday, August 08, 2009


It started with random thoughts that coalesced into a review -- of a movie, and of my writing life . . .

We watched "Adaptation" again last night. On Netflix I gave it a 5 rating--Loved it! It's a movie about the writing life, writers block and the freedom of creative expression. It's about love and passion, about our connections with the origins of being--our very genesis. And about how our culture would suppress the drive of Soul.

Yet that expression does ultimately prevail. It's a story of hope and beauty, and daring to live ones passion. I love this flick, and the title says it all--Adaptation. In this world of hazard and suppression--man-made and natural--we can not only survive, but thrive. The focal point of the movie is the fragile life balance of a rare flower, the Ghost Orchid.

Waking up with variations on the movie topics rolling in my mind, the voice spoke: You can write lightly or with rigidity. Like the wingtips of an eagle, or with the weight of a freight train. You have the freedom to write by formula, and never use it. Run on the track, or lay down a new one. Or soar to unknown heights.

As I write this, the only blossom I see in the early morning light of the bay window is a large, pink orchid. It says, Patience is a virtue. So is decision. I've seen the ghost, and fear no more. I write as I like.

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