Friday, September 18, 2009

Forced Vacinations? -- Fear Not

A friend sent me this message:
My dear friends:

You must read this and forward to all your loved ones; go to YouTube and search this title:
Forced vaccinations: a whistleblower's clear warning - reposted by Project Camelot.

Or, click onto this link:
Or, you can get to the YouTube video via the ProjectCamelot website at this link:

And at this website you should see the YouTube Video by arrowing down below the photos (about 1 page down).

Love you all; this young courageous woman is a national hero in my eyes.
Scary?? If it is a fact that forced vaccination is on the way, what is your response?

Here are some common-sense suggestions by Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD, DO.

Also, I am currently attending a conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota on essential oils and aroma therapy showing safe, effective healing methods for many diseases, illnesses and injuries. The information is shared by professional doctors and scientists, including MDs, PTs, physicists, chemists and more. Some of the maladies being addressed are cancer, diabetes, influenza, inflammation, stress, autism and Alzheimers. There is no reason to risk the dangerous side-effects of drugs when these less expensive and more effective alternatives are being integrated into many practices with outstanding results. This is real science, not the pharma-funded brain-washing the media is paid to promote. How many doctors or nurses do you know that will get the untested swine flu shot? All those I have heard from will not. And if you freely choose to, perhaps you might ask your doctor if his/her family has. And how are they doing since.

There are still those who believe that healing is an honorable service to humankind, rather than a means to reap huge corporate profits. Check it out while you are still free to do so:

Fear serves only those who promote the insanity. React not with fear, but rather respond with the calm of knowledge and wisdom.

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