Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spiritual Events and Well-Being

There is a lot happening in our lives and the world today. Events unfold in ways controlled and seemingly not. Forces of nature, the state of economy and human difference (intimate to worldwide) seems to direct our lives as often as our own choices. Do we gain or loose by such influence?

A spiritual perspective may shed some light. Spiritual events--what are they? They may dominate our awareness or appear as non-events in our day-to-day lives.

For example, a disagreement with another could go in several directions. Emotions could accelerate into angry words, or even physical confrontation. Such an encounter would not go unnoticed by anyone nearby; and it would certainly affect ones demeanor and state of mind the rest of the day. Maybe even several days or longer, depending on the severity of the dispute.

But if one just walked away from an argument, or better yet, recognized Spirit in the mix at the beginning, the day would be different. Seeing how Spirit works in our lives may influence understanding and maintaining of temper. If so, the incident could be forgotten in short order.

Any scenario of interaction is always a spiritual event--all adding to life's journey of experience. Learning from our experiences is what makes it so. When we recognize the need for better communication skills, or adjustments in behavior, the event is of a higher nature. Acting in a more balanced way always uplifts ourselves and those around us. Passing a test, even taking the test, both are legs in our spiritual journey.

Every moment is a spiritual event when we recognize the possibilities of divine love in its unfolding. Try not to miss the moments. Spiritual masters are those who practice love and peace in every moment. The better we can do this, the less we may be noticed by the world of drama and emotion around us.

Action and reaction, without learning the lessons from the events are the makings of lives after lives in this world of living with passion. What do we gain by co-existing and interacting with our fellow humankind?

Without love and understanding, patience and forgiveness, there may be little. Possessions, power and fame do not produce fulfillment and well-being in life. But acting out their opposites will, sooner or later lead to less.

Recognition of our higher calling and instigating greater spiritual events in our lives is a key to better results. Find what you love in life, then pursue it, do it, with love and passion. Do it while supporting the same for others. This is well-being.

-AK 10/30/2011

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