Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reaction, Response, Infusion with Consciousness

I must apologize for this lengthy post. For some, like myself, it may be too much for casual reading. I realized after some time of blog surfing that I prefer quick hits of a paragraph or two, and poetry of short verse, etc. Blogs of short entries are the ones I return to most often. Life is too full for rambling meanderment. But I feel this view is worth the longer perusal.

With the state of civilization spiraling into the sub-layers of consciousness, there is a broad range of acknowledgement, from passive response to reactionary violence. A culture of war, greed for money and power, and corruption in business, government, even agencies of human service seems to be at an all time high. What are we to do today?

Some are greatly depressed and see a hopeless future. Others ignore the turmoil, hoping things will turn around before the situation demands personal acknowledgement in severe form. Then there are activists, some quite peaceful, and others in various degrees of civil disobedience. At the extreme end, those who see armed revolution or terrorist attacks as the last resort, are at the center of much turmoil today. War and sacrificing of human rights seems to be the solution of those in power. Is there a more balanced response by we the people whose government (in the USA) was formed to serve us?

Those of a higher standard know that ultimately the primary solution is an uplifting of consciousness. Doing nothing or reacting with resistance or retribution are really ineffective in the larger scheme of things. If civilization on the planet can be uplifted at this stage of evolution, it is by strengthening our divine connection, or reconnecting with our source. This, I believe, is the higher response, and will even mitigate the effects of those who only mouth support for truth and justice?

Yet too often, it seems, there are those claiming the highest truth as their driving force, but ignore the problem in the name of non-reaction. Neutrality or detachment may be good in a spiritual sense, yet lack of acknowledgement or compassion for the suffering of others is not the response of the spiritually evolved.

Facing the problems of this world with appropriate action does not mean meditating in our caves of spiritual contentment out of harm's way. Nor does it mean that the dollars we give to a worthy cause, or the votes cast for a candidate, or letters written in defense or objection to some policy will necessarily change the world. These are human actions which are all too often misguided or misdirected once enacted. Misappropriation of funds, voting results manipulation, and media smoke and hype too often result in the opposite result of intent. And even if our objectives are fulfilled, we are merely human and even the most well-meaning are wrong much of the time. It is part of the human condition. Mistakes are how we learn best.

But as human beings, we live and learn and operate in complex realms. The physical forces of our environment, cultural elements, both social and intellectual, as well as our religious and spiritual beliefs, all modulate our effectiveness on this planet. The range of these parameters is unlimited. How does planetary consciousness evolve? The same way it spirals downward: by participation of its populace. If some choose to participate less, they will have less effect. If those who claim to be of higher consciousness choose not to participate, those of the other ilk will tilt the ramp a bit more downward. When we intentionally shine the light toward others, the radiance becomes more brilliant.

Whether voting, charitable giving, or communicating by word or dollars spent has a perceived beneficial effect or not, it is conscious intent that is ultimately manifest.

I vote, I give, I write, not to change the world, but as a human form of expression that is modulated with divine intent. I have declared myself a channel of love for all life. When I go to the poles to vote, it is not because I believe the candidate or initiative of my choice is the best option. Often I am very unsure about that. But rather, I act within the system to infuse the process with Love. This, I believe, is necessary to reverse the forces opposed.

Withdrawing from all matters outside the realm of ones own spiritual reality is little better than reacting to the ills of society with dramatic resistance and revolt. Attempting to accomplish change in a reactionary way is ineffective spiritually. It actually feeds the opposing force on a psychic level and defines their enemy. Is not the way of love -- infusing our action with a higher law, the Law of Love -- the means to raising human consciousness? We human beings, fallible and imperfect, are what the Supreme Being has to work with. I will not say: Currently out of service.

Intent is useless without action on the field where the game is played. Know you are loved and pass it on.

What do you think? Does your spiritual path support you in loving all God's children? I'd like to hear from you.


  1. As you know, my path supports me in loving all of God's children, and that belief has often guided me in my political actions. I do think, however, that we must be political - while keeping in mind that in order for it to be effective, politicity must be done with the positive energy that you speak of. I know that at times I struggle to keep my energy positive at times when I am fighting against forces that are so unjust. That is the struggle.

  2. Well put, Joi. Nothing against being political, especially as you state. For some it is their mission in life. Others, like myself, may be (I feel ARE) more effective as operators by spiritual influence. Thanks for your input.

  3. Chanhassen Ken2/05/2006 2:11 PM

    The greatest good anyone can do for the world is to lift his own consciousness up. Thus, personal unfoldment is Priority One. Seek it through all means. Among the means are attunement to hHgher Force through contemplation, meditation, or prayer; creative use of imagination; and acts of loving service and charity.

    Our forms of government in the United States are participatory. They expect and welcome our involvement. But watch your motivation! Attempts to achieve a particular result often come from a desire to exercise power, and this leads downward rather than upward spiritually. Priority Two is to Act from love and trust the Divine. You can vote, give money to, and work for, just causes; but always hold a neutral attitude toward intended outcomes. Leave the results to God!

  4. I had to read this post a few times to really think about what you are saying. I like what you say here Ardi. Often I have thought though that people in power depend on and want us to be "passive" fearful, and not speak up. They count on it! The arrogant ones in power will play on fear and use it well...along with lies, lies that they keep being caught in, but not many seem to care about that either. It seems to continually help people in power in this country and their ability to control things and manipulate the people at will. Surely there is a balance somewhere between love, positive energy and also enough people speaking up? If people don't make themselves heard do you really think that just love will do it? I've been around and seen and lived in the "evils" of the world for a long while now and if you don't speak up for the weaker ones, or stand up against injustice the pattern just seems to continue because they know they can get away with it..people even threaten others at times if you speak up, so a lot don't ever say anything and on a wheel we spin round and round. It takes knowing you are taking risks by sayiing anything, but if you don't then what? Giving up, fear,selfishness, and laziness seem to keep people from speaking up. Parents are killing their own children more than ever before in history. Anger is repressed for years and then comes out through bullets with a sniper either in school or a desperate man who lost his job and everything in his whole life. A cry for help was not heard a parent ignores a childs cry for help, too "busy" with "things" and so it goes. Terrorist blowing themselves and others up from so much anger at our country and our "superpower" mentality and our wanting "oil". Religious zealots in our own country and in the middle east. Humanity is crying to be heard and yet compassion for others is at an all time low. Its a dog eat dog world. I don't know if meditating and praying only will make a may but I just don't know. I keep getting these feelings that Spirit warriors are being called upon to show their wisdom and courage. Its like we are being tested and maybe until we get the "lessons" nothing will change. Maybe thats why it continues to get worse? We are not waking up? We're not listening or heeding the "warning"? I don't have the answers but I still continue to ask questions, for it helps me to keep learning and growing...sigh..I don't even know if any of this is making any sense. oh well..

    Thanks for the great "Insightful" post Ardi.



  5. Rhi, It all makes perfect sense. That is my message here. DON'T just "be spiritual" by prayer or meditation or these other passive ways. But get out there and make yourself heard (vote, write, speak, etc.), but in a spiritually responsible and effective way--instead of reactionary. The forces that oppose spiritual evolution thrive on the fear they create, and do manipulate us (and that fear response) to their advantage. Rational, spiritually based action--not re-action to the fear impulse--is the key. Action in the highest sensce is "showing up" spiritually. Passivity is little better(if any) than violence--by intent, stupidity or reactivism.
    You are right. Keep speaking up.