Friday, January 27, 2006

Way to Go, Deborah

I know I haven't posted here in some time--I've been having too much fun on my poetry blog River-Tree Whispers. But there is a lot more to say, and verse is not the only way. Here is a special soul I'd like to introduce you to.

Deborah is a friend who may be writing the last pages in her journal of her journey with cancer. It is a joy to know we can live to the end with no regrets and even look forward to the new adventure. Read Deborah's words of peace (Scroll down to the entry of Jan. 24, 200.) and maybe look at life a little differently. I hope to bid farewell in as fine a form.


How can I say I'll miss you when you've given me so much I'll always have. Your cheer and blessings will forever touch the lives of those you know.

See you later, my friend.


  1. Ardist, you are truly a beautiful soul.

  2. What a brave will help me..


  3. You are such an evolved good person..

  4. Deborah's soul rose to a higher spiritual realm free from pain and in total peace..Bless her..she inspired me in just a short space of time.

    Thanks for sharing about Deborah with us Ardi.

    Many Blessings,