Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Blogger Gods Know (who is really stealing my choices)

Well, my blogger passion is poetry, but sometimes I like to post other ideas, resources, etc. in this blog. So sometimes I put together a piece the best I can, knowing it's not done yet, and save it as a draft, hoping to get back to it soon. But, POOF! It disappears into some black hole in the blogisphere. SCREAM! It's like the blogger gods are saying, "Get back to your true mission."

So for now, let me just post this in an attempt to out-wit the gods:

Did you know that if you live in Vietnam, the country that is most "devastated" by a disease (that effects winged animals, and in rare instances humans too), you would have 5 chances in 10 million of dying from the dreaded disease?

The US population is 281,421,906. The annual number of those demised due to a related form of the dreaded disease is 36,000. That's up from 20,000 in their previous estimate. Hmmm. Let me do a little comparison math.

+ + + / ** - = % =, etc. . . .

Okay. This is worse than I thought. Even if the lower 20,000 figure is accurate, if I live in the US (and I do), I have a thousand times greater chance of kicking the big B by the common form of the illness, than if I live in Vietnam and croak like a common chicken farmer. That's if all the VN deaths were in one year. How long has this ailment been around? Oh man!! And I thought the Vietnam War was bad. I grew up on a farm and thought nothing of my chicken-tending duties. What danger did I put myself in? I could have been attacked by one that winged its way from Southeast Asia. Never can tell who in the population is a foreign imposter :)

I better play it safe. I'm checking on the cost of a move to the land of rice paddies and free-range poultry.

Oh, and if you want to see who's getting rich on a certain medical hoax and scare, try a google search for the name of our sec of defiance :) and the name of the well-known farm-a-sue-tickle drug for treating dreaded disease. You may find the results a bit rummy.

Then again, if you would like to just mind your own business and live wherever you be, you might increase your chances of survival with the essential oil blend called Thieves. It is how I have avoided my usual winter illness the past 3 years. You can visit Share Essence to peruse what really works.


  1. K and I were just talking about this the other night. The hype is ridiculous. It seems it is even more hype than we got with SARS - and that actually did effect humans in greater numbers. Only the very old, very young, and already sick, but nonetheless... The Nazis used fear to control the masses and it looks like the current administration is doing its best to follow suit.

  2. Being in Canada, i live amongst people who feel they are invincible to almost anything, and it is infectious. However, I realize the importance of keeping ones immune system in check.

    Thieves is wonderful, most definately. My favorite of the essential oils is Peace & Calming :)

  3. Joi, Yeah. Too bad so many buy the whole line. Just saw Constant Gardener last night. I had no idea what it was about--glad to see it. (Think I'll put a flower in my hat.) I guess not everyone accepts the propaganda. Would like to see more coverage of us. But that would quell the fear. Wake up, people!

    Shawn, Thanks for visiting. Yeah, Thieves for the "plague" and P&C for the panic. They are both great essential oil blends. But my favorite right now is 3 Wise Men. Love the frankinscence.