Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bird Flu: What Real Science Says

Though my last post was an attempt to present truth in a humorous way, truth is no laughing matter. Please use common sense and pursue with reason those sources of fact that are credible. Don't be spoon-fed by the media. Besides those that will profit from the scare are professionals who can prepare you with the straight story and common-sense action. Dr. Joseph Mercola is one. His view on the subject gives links to the real story, which you'll want to read, as well as alternatives to the actual health threats.


  1. thanks for visiting
    Bird flu is another way for news networks to scare us into watching their crap. I am not watching. hell with them!
    and yes I do like raising chickens.

  2. "don't be spoon-fed by the media"

    hell yeah! you go, ardi k, darling!

    i have missed yeah! sorry for being absent for so long.


  3. nothing is as it seems