Monday, June 19, 2006

Internet Travel Shoppers

Check out our new internet travel site if you book your trips on the web. It will save you time and money. And it's free to use.

When you visit us at you will be able to find, with a single search, the lowest rates on the internet for airfare, auto rental, hotels, or cruises. Up to 200 travel sites are checked for the current rates for the dates, times and locations you are considering.

If you are an on-line travel shopper, you know that it takes time to peruse the many discount travel sites and airlines, etc., for the best deal available. For several years now, we did just that to book our trips. Sometimes we have spent hours, even days, finding what we could afford. Now the search engine on Share the Sun does this all for us in a matter of minutes. It pulls up, for example, all the flights for our desired time/destination, with the cheapest on the top. Clicking on a choice puts us right into the booking site, whether it is a discounter (like Expedia or Orbitz) or the airline (Northwest, United, etc.). Sometimes the cheapest isn't the best option (lay-overs, red-eyes, etc.) but there are dozens (or hundreds) of flights to look at--all on one site. Also with the filter options we can enter the number of stops and the airline name if we want to limit it.

World Ventures, the creators of the search engine, is a travel agency in Dallas, Texas. Their internet web functions are still in the beta stage of development, so there are on-going improvements. If you should experience any problems, or have questions, please contact us. Try out a travel search. They are unlimited and always free, even if you book.

Have Fun!

Share the Sun Travel
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(If you like what you see, and want to learn how you can save even more, as well as earn free travel, you'll want to view World Venture's presentation. If you love to travel, or know others who do, here's a way to make your dreams come true.)

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