Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Prius with Power

When I sold my 96 Honda Civic and bought a used 2002 Toyota Prius (hybrid) I thought driving in the slow lane would be the price of fuel efficiency. It strained to get up to highway speed and passing was out of the question.

Not so no moe! My Prius now has zip -- with the same good gas mileage. Before I noticed the increase in power I could feel that it was running smoother. And I plan on improving my fuel economy even more. According to independent SAE testing, I will get at least 13% better mileage after using it in several tanksfull. Check out how with (ME)2. Click the link. It's for real.


  1. Hey I have toyota okay its called xa and I love my toyota

  2. Hope u had great x-mas and have great new year...

  3. Thats me gain nasra with the greetings above