Friday, August 29, 2008

The Rule of Freedom

A friend sent an article with unpleasant view of current events (much of which is ignored by the mass media) leading to ominous possibilities in the near future. Here is how I responded:

The content of the message you sent seems dire indeed. And I'm pretty much in agreement with most of it's being of high probability.

On the other hand, the biggest reason for that high probability is that so many now have bought into the dire possibilities. Fear attracts that which is feared. Now I don't believe one should ignore the signs and the world around us. Burying ones head in the sand serves no purpose. We must prepare the best we can. On ALL levels. But what level is most important? That is the issue. We must each answer that for ourselves.

For me, my highest priority is spiritual well being. Part of that is putting ones focus on the good in this world. There is really a lot of it. Even if it is not predominant in the media, in people's consciousness and in the apparent unfolding of our day-to-day lives, it is there. If we put our attention, our focus, on the positive, like an athlete focuses on winning the game or the race, the good will prevail. If there are 10 runners in a race there is only one winner, even when all 10 are focused on that feat. If 9 were not focused on winning, it would be so much easier for the one who does have that focus to win. That's obvious.

We must realize that we all are able competitors. What percentage of this planet's population intend to do it and its inhabitants harm? If it is as high as 10%, and I don't believe it is, then the other 90% of us have the advantage. All we have to do is understand that and apply the understanding. If the 10% has the power it is because the rest of us believe the lies, that money or material possession has the upper hand. Or that power or greed is the advantage. That the absurd is acceptable.

But when we support our higher self, we know that the values of love and acceptance, understanding and forgiveness, self-responsibility, honesty, and reason are the attributes of a winning team.

It is only fear that blinds us to this truth. When we have fear, the corrupt have the upper hand. Fear weakens the shield of true value. Worse than the events of 9/11/01 is the fear that predominated its aftermath. What freedom have we given up by submitting to that fear? How many lives were lost in an unnecessary war? The path of fear leads only downward.

So, what if we take the higher road and the bad guys defeat us anyway, because there weren't enough of us focusing on that high path? What if we become enslaved, destitute or hung by our buts?

This is the big test. How do we handle the worst?

For me, it is by considering what life of value really is. Physical life is not the ultimate state of being. Living a life of fear, or of lies or corruption is not a life worth living. In life after death there is so much more potential. I (personally) know this because of my practice of certain spiritual techniques. I experience that higher state enough to know its reality. Everyone has that same potential. Everyone is a spiritual being. Knowing that most people are not trying to subvert that becoming, gives us the advantage. Knowing that it is actually impossible to do so, helps even more. Freedom from fear is the only real freedom. And it is the only life worth living.

Fear not, and live in peace. Here or hereafter.

Now I suppose you may consider this a bit too preachy, but I love you anyway. We all must make our own choices. Free will is a divine gift. I honor yours.


  1. I extend heartfelt appreciation for your viewpoint and acknowledge the power that is within you, I and all human beings and becomings :-). As I have accepted 100% responsibility for my world, I have been able to respond with a greater degree of awareness in my daily life. Along with awareness comes the knowing that I influence the world around me. I choose to influence from a space of the divine gifts that were imparted to me as I began this incredible journey of life here and now. I choose JOY and in that joy experience true freedom.

  2. I'm so glad I read this..I find myself struggling too much out of survival, knowing full well that if I go "within" more and to acceptance and less fear I will be a much happier and caring and yes more loving person. But it's so hard when I've been on my own without any "backup" for so my lessons continue I'm sure..Sometimes I feel life after death is going to be much easier for me than life as it is for now for me and has been for so long..if that makes any sense..

    I wish more people in the environment that I live in felt and thought like you did..thanks for helping me I came upon your post at a perfect timing for me..

    Thank you Ardi..

    Love and Blessings,


  3. Hi`
    thank you for your generous comment :)
    i love this post and your viewpoint.
    sincerely wish more could see and feel this way. this world needs a difference desperately and it starts with thought like this.
    may God keep you in wisdom...